HRSC successfully held June 14

The 8th Annual Human Resource Students Convention was successfully organized by the Human Resource Students Association of the Philippines in partnership with Rizal Technological University Department of HRDM at Tanghalang Pasigueño, January 14.

This year’s theme focuses on embracing all aspects of human resource disruptions to prepare the soon to be human resource professionals as they face the corporate world.

The convention featured insightful thoughts and trends in HR which emphasized the value of credibility and character over credentials. It instilled good judgement grounded from wisdom on the minds of everyone present in an attractively fun and downright humorous way.

Ms. Penny Bongato, an author, professional coach and certified trainer, expressed her longing for the Filipino people to give up the habit of submitting mediocre work, and strive for what is excellent instead. She shared her success principles which states that an individual, in order to be successful, must take 100% responsibility for his life; for a person’s response to a given situation dictates future outcomes.

Mr. Delane Lim, a suicide prevention specialist, youth ambassador, life and business coach, gave a talk about the future of disruptive workforce and what it means to be a human capital leader. “In order to be innovators in the field, we need to build our capacity, competency, credentials, and most importantly, our character. Only then, will an HR practitioner become a credible leader” Lim added.

Mr. Michael Angelo Lobrin III, an actor, brand endorser, best selling author, and inspirational speaker, gave a powerful reminder to all that learning should be limited only to the technical aspects. Instead, we should be taught that as the mediator between the management and the workforce, the HR practitioner is a good person most of all.

Finally, Mr. Lionel Dorai, a life coach, trainer, and advocate for animal wildlife protection talked about diversity and how individuals should embrace the diverse number of people they meet. Embracing diversity, having empathy, and taking failure as an experience was at the core of his message aimed at changing the mindset of rejecting whatever is different.

With combination of all this ideas, the organizers believes that students who attended became more equipped, engaged and empowered to face the fast changing and competitive world of human capital industry.