November 24, 2017


Human Resource Educators’ Association of the Philippines, Inc. (HREAP) is a duly registered professional membership organization of human resource educators and practitioners with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

HREAP is focused on improving the quality of human resource education and development in higher education institutions in the Philippines. The organization fosters partnerships between universities and colleges and industry and brings together human resource educators to collaborate on research and professional development opportunities.

Some of the activities include publishing research on human resource practices, organizing seminars and conferences, and providing training and development programs for educators, students, and professionals.


To be the premier organization at the forefront of championing human resource education and development in the Philippines. We aim to foster a thriving community of outstanding, adept, and visionary HR professionals who lead the way in driving sustainable organizational growth while actively contributing to the overall advancement of society.


HREAP is committed to advancing the field of human resource education in the Philippines through collaboration, research, and professional development. We strive to elevate the quality of HR education in higher education institutions, foster meaningful partnerships between academia and industry, and empower HR educators and practitioners to be agents of positive change.


  • Enhance HR Education Standards: HREAP aims to establish and uphold high standards of human resource education in higher education institutions across the country. By developing comprehensive curriculum guidelines and best practices, we ensure that HR programs meet industry demands and foster the development of future HR leaders.
  • Facilitate Industry-Academe Collaboration: HREAP seeks to bridge the gap between universities and colleges and the business community. By fostering strong partnerships, we facilitate knowledge exchange, research collaborations, and internship opportunities, ensuring that HR education remains relevant and responsive to real-world HR challenges.
  • Promote Research and Innovation: HREAP encourages and supports research endeavors that contribute to the advancement of HR knowledge and practices. Through publications, conferences, and research grants, we aim to promote evidence- based HR strategies that positively impact organizations and society.
  • Empower HR Educators and Practitioners: HREAP is committed to providing professional development opportunities for HR educators and practitioners. We organize workshops, seminars, and training programs to equip them with the latest trends, best practices, and innovative teaching methods, enhancing their capabilities as effective educators and HR professionals.
  • Advocate for HR Excellence: HREAP advocates for the recognition of HR as a critical function in organizational success. By collaborating with relevant government agencies and industry stakeholders, we strive to elevate the status of HR professionals and ensure that their contributions are valued and integrated into strategic decision-making processes.
  • Support Student and Professional Growth: HREAP is dedicated to nurturing the growth and development of HR students and professionals. Through scholarships, mentorship programs, and networking opportunities, we empower aspiring HR practitioners to excel in their careers and make a meaningful impact in the HR community.

By fulfilling these vision, mission, and goals, HREAP aspires to be a catalyst for excellence in human resource education and development, positively shaping the HR landscape in the Philippines and contributing to the growth and prosperity of organizations and society at large.