CHROs Gather Discuss the Future of Work in the Philippines

Leading HR professionals converged at Discovery Primea Hotel Manila under the banner of CHRO Philippines Series 2024 organized by HRM Asia. The theme of the event was HR 2024 and Beyond: How CHROs can shape organizational and workforce transformation. Emerging trends in human resource management were therefore discussed alongside some pressing challenges.

This year’s conference had around 150 Chief Human Resource Officers (CHROs) who took part in thought-provoking discussions and expert-led sessions on talent management and organization design. Some of these challenges included developing an inclusive workplace, utilizing HR technology for employee experience, as well as creating high performer workforces.

The conference also had interesting panel discussions from experts in HR with presentations touching on different areas. This provided an opportunity for participants to interact with their peers while exchanging ideas on how they could help each other tackle similar problems or develop suitable solutions together.

As Philippine economy and society undergo rapid changes, CHRO Philippines Series 2024 has become one of the key platforms guiding future work settings in this country. This is what will enable them to prepare themselves for creating environments that are able to support their organizations’ survival into next year.