Wellness in the Workplace Webinar Series


The effects of the COVID-19 pandemic rippled across industries, albeit, most companies have successfully pivoted and navigated the crisis. Its effects, though implicit in most ways manifests in productivity levels of employees, as well as in employee mental health. Further, in the midst of the “Great Resignation” (coined last May 2021), a recent phenomenon showing the dramatic exit of most employees has been attributed to a direct correlation in job satisfaction and employability (Ellerbeck 2022). [1]Likewise, most cases of resignations were not only due to career exploration, but most of which stem from the need to focus back on mental and physical wellbeing for most workers.

With the Wellness in the Workplace Webinar Series, HREAP would like to create a conversation among HR Educators and Practitioners, as HREAP stands that wellness ensues with a healthy workplace dynamic. As facilitators and nurturers of human capital, it is the principal task of the HR Professionals to ensure that employee well-being be addressed, even in areas beyond work.

The Wellness in the Workplace Webinar Series initial topics:

Topic 1: Managing Anger – September 24
Topic 2: Working with Emotions: An introduction to Emotional Intelligence – October 1
Topic 3: Stuck in a rut: Practical ways to move beyond the phenomenon of “stuckness” – October 8
Topic 4: Fuelled by Stress: Understanding the complexity of stress in the workplace context – October 15


The webinar series will be conducted by HREAP in partnership with the Center for Professional Advancement and Continuing Education, Inc. Webinars are expected to be around 1-3 hours per session. 

The webinar is FREE for all active members of HREAP. However, webinar attendance will also be open to the public, and non-members with the registration fee of Php 500 per session. E-certificate and official receipt will be provided for the sessions attended.

Registration Link: https://bit.ly/hreapwebinarseries2022

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