March 19, 2024

Certificate in Learning & Development


The HREAP Learning and Development (L&D) course is created for HR and non-HR professionals who want to build and enhance their skills and knowledge with the foundations of L&D—its function in continuously facilitating human capital development, as well as its direct and indirect benefits in their professional and personal lives. The HREAP Learning & Development (L&D) Course is grounded in the discipline of learning & development as it covers important topics to help individuals establish essential facilitation and training delivery skills, enhance workplace educational management, and close the gap between the theoretical underpinnings of workplace training, employee engagement, and adult learning principles and practices. Furthermore, the course is also designed to help you become a strategic partner within your organization, driving growth through effective talent management, individual development, and employee engagement approaches.

What’s in it for you?

Enhancing your skills in learning & development can help you facilitate growth and development in your organization. However, taking into consideration that as you learn basic L&D competencies, you will also undergo a meaningful change process,. By embarking on this course, you are expected to gain proficiency in:

  • Conceptualize, design, implement, and assess impactful learning initiatives aligned with your organization’s goals and objectives.
  • Use learning techniques, technologies, and social dynamics as leverage to enhance employee engagement, performance, efficiency, and productivity.
  • Recognize the value of sustaining learning and development initiatives, as well as learn novel ways to keep learners continually engaged, whether in workplace training sessions or hands-on/on-the-job settings.
  • Nourish strong, impactful, and meaningful alliances between Learning & Development (L&D), Organizational Development (OD), Recruitment, Compensation and Benefits, and other pivotal HR functions.
  • Jumpstart a culture of continuous learning in your organization and establish sustainable learning programs.
  • Attribute organizational growth in quality, standards, and even revenue due to the creation of sensible and appropriate workplace training programs.

Target Audience

Although the HREAP L&D course is designed for professionals who want to enhance basic L&D competencies, professionals who learn from the session will be able to appropriate the value of L&D in the context of organizational maturity, regardless of level and pace. This course is great for:

  • Executives, managers, and team leaders who want to enhance their understanding of L&D and their facilitation skills. Further, learning how to facilitate can also help you learn how to coach your teams to become more effective.
  • Human resource professionals who want to know the interconnectedness of L&D and other HR facets such as talent management, organizational development and performance management, rewards and recognitions, and others.
  • Entrepreneurs and business owners who know the value of competence and mastery in business growth, and those who want to create a robust pool of human capital.

Delivery Method

As the HREAP L&D course is designed for professionals who want to gain knowledge and skills fast and efficiently, the conduct of each session would be: Learning Session Platform Virtual (via Zoom).

Learning Session Platform

Virtual (via Zoom)

Learning Management (Andragogy)

Self-paced modular, questions for reflection, interactive exercises and skills practice, group collaboration, formal assessment

Learning schedule

6    Sessions    (2    modules    per     2    hours)

Every Saturday, 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM

Inclusions of the Program

Upon enlistment, you will receive an email containing your enlistment confirmation as well as an exclusive link to our LMS platform. Through the LMS platform, you will be able to access our course journals (modules) within a certain time period. You will also be sent calendar invitations ahead of time to be reminded of the upcoming session as well as the topics for discussion.

After completing the program, you will receive a certificate of completion from HREAP, which will be delivered to your mailing address.