October 11, 2018

Post Graduate Certificate in HRM

This course will guide the HR personnel regarding the standard practices of day-to-day activities of HR department as well as to make the participants acquainted about the upgradation of HR function and role. This course will help the participants to ensure the compliance issues of HR activities as per the standard level of HR practice.

This training will also ensure the sharing of knowledge among the participants as well as trainers to make the participants aware about the standard practices of HR.

Competency Framework for HR personnel is changing with the demand of time. Nowadays, HR is playing a strategic role in different organizations.  For performing that role, HR competencies are being updated time to time. The different functions and role of HR is also being updated. Therefore, it’s important that the people of HR is updated with the changes in the competency framework.

Who are eligible for the program:

  1. Business Administration related degree holders
  2. Non-Business Administration degree with at least one (1) year HR related work experience
  3. Business Administration faculty members

Target participants:

  1. HR Personnel (Mid & senior level)
  2. Management / HR Consultants
  3. Potential HR Personnel
  4. Faculty Members handling HR related courses

Training methodology:

  1. Interactive Lecture (Problem Solving Class)
  2. Audio-visual Presentation
  3. Practical and actual practices

Expected outcome of the program:

After successful completion of the program, the participants will

  1. Have a full expertise of an HR Generalist
  2. Conversant in some advance level HR areas
  3. An expert to perform day to day HR activities
  4. Sharpened knowledge to be a consultant for setting standard HR set up
  5. Be updated about the changes of HR role and practices worldwide 

Objectives of the program:

After successful completion of the program, participants will be able to:

  1. Acquire essential knowledge and skills about HR functions
  2. Contribute in Strategic HR through analytical decision making
  3. Contribute in designing and Implementing Effective Performance Management System
  4. Analyze and manage Labor Law related issues
  5. Understand the concept and practice about Talent Management


Module No. Module Title
PGCHRM – 1 HR Business Partner: Concept & Competency
PGCHRM – 2 HR Planning & Budget Preparation
PGCHRM – 3 Competency Mapping for HR: Entry Level, Mid-Level, Senior Level
PGCHRM – 4 Integrated Talent Management
PGCHRM – 5 Learning & Development: Need Assessment, Methods & Impact in Business
PGCHRM – 6 Advanced Performance Management System: KPI Focused
PGCHRM – 7 Navigating Organizational Performance through Balanced Scorecard
PGCHRM – 8 Total Reward Management
PGCHRM – 9 Labor Law & Disciplinary Procedure
PGCHRM – 10 HR Analytics & HR Accounting
Last Session Assessment Exam and Graduation/Awarding of Certificate