November 15, 2017

6th Annual Human Resource Students’ Convention

THEME: “UNBOUNDED: International HR in the 21st Century”
March 02, 2016, 08:00am to 07:00pm at the The Grand Ballroom, Hotel Rembrandt, Quezon City

The annual HRSC has conveyed the purpose of giving light to the empowerment of human resource management as one of the core competencies of the organization. It is currently striving to reach that immovable degree of international development and as it boldly overcame obstacles, it has taken us to a definitely wider reach, the 6th year of the Annual Human Resource Students Convention (HRSC). Today, the HR Management eagerly welcomes the beginning of the new era. The past five years of HRSC has been of paramount importance to all the participants to reach their full potential and achieve a higher level of HR competency.

This year, HRSC 2016 goes wider across the globe. It caters not just local but also international delegates in order for them to carry out, adjust and cope up with the emerging international HR trends.

HRSC 2016 bravely takes a step forward and now going to reach its next level. It aims to widen its scope of influence among nations. A new beginning is taking place; it’s time to prepare the future HR practitioners for the world’s demand of human capital in today’s competitive business environment and rapidly evolving world of human capital management. Organizations should continuously develop a robust portfolio of leaders who are ready to engage, push forward growth strategies, drive innovation, and work directly with others.

The 6th Annual HR Students International Convention with the theme “UNBOUNDED: International HR in the 21st Century” aims to increase the level of competency of HR people as we welcome and embrace global competition in the field of HR. It calls for awareness to the coming free flow of human capital around the globe yet still enable employees to breakthrough performance despite of diversity in the organizations. Future HR Practitioners must acquire greater knowledge to face global talent management, a challenging role of Human Resources.

The legacy continues into the next generation. A new set of belligerent students are anticipated to fulfill the need of the growing and demanding needs of the industry.

With that, HR people should move beyond the norms and play a leading role as a center of excellence. They must not only be reactive with the current changes but they must also be proactive; always on the go.