November 15, 2017

Essay Writing


  1. The essay must be original and must explain on the theme to be given by the organizer on the day of the contest proper.
  2. The HREAP Competition Secretariat will provide all the materials needed for the contest.
  3. All essays should be written in English and shall consist of not less than 500 words nor more than 600 words.
  4. The essay shall not, in whole or in part, express or impliedly, undermine the principles of democracy nor offend any religion, sect or creed, nor violate neither the standards of decency nor the laws on libel and oral defamation.
  5. Only one (1) entry per school is allowed.
  6. All essays will automatically become official property of HREAP.


Content and Relevance – 50%
Structure and Organization – 30%
Originality – 20%
TOTAL – 100%